Clark Lewis, Ray Dexter, Troy Accola, Wes Myers - The Sum of Our Parts

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Description: So much of our collective sexual behavior falls along a particular continuum of predictability. We often follow inherited storylines and automatic races towards climax. In this current moment in history, those narratives are under sharp revision, as most of us are confined to our homes. Sexual adventure is increasingly becoming anchored into digital time and space. The Sum of Our Parts - which features four men from three different countries - is a playful way to string together multiple men at once, all within their own homes. They create a circular wave of turn-on together that starts with one man and progresses through a second, third, and fourth. We are highlighting the suggestion that while someone “out there” may be a man who is alone in his home, he still has creative access through technology to a world of fantasy and potential.
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Models: Troy Accola