BreedItRaw - Bam Bam & Rio - Flipped and Fucked part 1+2

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Description: Bam Bam thick hard dick fucking that super delicious ass of Rio! But wait! This is just part one of two! Next week we get see Rio go wild in Bam Bam’s yummy muscle butt! Wow, can’t wait to see that! So the guys are playing cards, poker, but not strip poker. At some point Bam Bam is out of cash and even in dept, so there is only one way to Rio his fair share: with his body. Poor Bam Bam! Now he has to fuck that delicious thug-ass bareback with his big juicy cock. Yeah, we seen this playing-poker-theme thousand’s of times before, but who cares! All we want is to see them fuck and these two are just incredibly hot together! Bam Bam has a thick juicy cock and it just looks so beautiful sliding in and out of that great ass! And this only topped by Bam Bam’s cum shot. Rio is riding that fat cock when Bam Bam pulls out and sprays his juices all over Rio’s big round ass-cheeks.